On each individual listing we will list whether the balloons are suitable for both air and helium inflation or air inflation only.  If the balloons are suitable for air inflation only they will be unable to float as helium is needed to allow this.

Inflation Instructions....

Insert a straw or inflator as seen in the picture.  It needs to go between the clear flappy piece and the coloured backing. 

Put air into the balloon by blowing into the straw or start the helium.  Do not over inflate.

Remove the straw and seal by pressing together - Easy !


inflate foil balloons

Deflation Instructions....

Insert the straw the same as when you inflated the Foil Balloons only this time put the straw in further, not too far though. Stop when you feel the air or helium come out of the end of the straw.

With your hands gently press on the balloon allowing the air or helium to escape out of the straw.

Put away safely, ready for your next Celebration.

deflate foil balloons

Tying Ribbon to Foil Balloons with No Hole in Tab at Base

Occasionally some foil balloons won't have a hole in the bottom tab for the ribbon to be tied to when filled with helium.  This doesn't create a problem at all, is really common with foil balloons and it is still easy to tie them.  See the images below for easy to follow instructions on tying foil balloons.  

For a neater finish when you reach No. 5 you can fold the foil flap end over the string and fold again and then proceed to No. 6 and pull the string.  If you did need to deflate or re-inflate the balloon it is very easy to access the valve as the knot is extremely easy to slide off and put back on if needed.

tying foil balloons


Instructions to Remove Creases on Sash...…

Creases on any Sash are often unavoidable and we recommend the best way to remove or reduce them is by placing the Sash with the lettering facing downwards and not towards the iron on an ironing board, then place a same coloured thicker item on top of the Sash and underneath the Sash.  It works best if the thicker item is not bobbly such as a towel but rather a thick T Shirt, Tea Towel or similar. Then iron over on a low heat. 

Before doing this if you have extra time, you can also open up the Sash and have it hanging across a coat hanger for a few days to allow the creases to decrease on their own a bit first.


Some of the banners will require the included string or ribbon to be threaded through the card or letters.  This is really easy to do.

Confetti Balloons & Tassels

Rather than list the best way to assemble the Confetti Balloons and Tissue Tassels on the listings we have gone to the trouble of creating our own Instruction Guides which will be sent with your order.  These are very simple to follow and include illustrations on assembly. 

The Confetti Balloon instructions include the best methods to get the confetti to stick to the balloon whilst allowing it to still float. 
It is always best to inflate the Confetti balloons as close to the Celebration as possible as the confetti sticking process works best after inflation. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to hit the Contact Us and send us a message.  We will aim to get back to you promptly as we love happy customers :)