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Received promptly, super stretchy so easy to blow up myself
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    • hen party balloons

      We have put together a selection of different Hen Party Balloons for you to choose from and when you make your selection on the listing the picture of what is included in that selection will show up.

      The latex balloons are all approx 12" in size and are suitable for helium or air inflation and will float when filled with helium.  

      same penis forever

      If the confetti balloons are filled with helium only they will float but the helium won't allow static to be created and the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon.  Therefore we include our own illustrated instructions which will allow the balloons to float and also the confetti to stick.

      There are 6 balloonsincluded in the black balloon packs and the pink and purple balloon bouquet includes 4 x purple willy balloons, 4 x pink willy balloons and 3 x Yay Same Penis Forever confetti balloons.            

      We include balloon ribbon with all balloons to ensure displaying them is nice and easy.  

      Still not found what you are looking for ?  Here at Party Ideaz we have a wide variety of items to help ensure that your Hen Party, Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Wedding or any other Celebration is fabulous !  We understand the importance of creating a crowd-pleasing scene and that it will help to make some fabulous memories and also ensure that there's lots of fun.  Below are a few of our other decorations but please feel free to take a look around the store for even more ideas ...........


    • Simply filling the Confetti Balloons with helium will not allow you to create static and therefore not allow the confetti to stick to the balloon.  As another bonus for our customers when your order includes the Confetti Balloons we also include our own easy to follow Illustrated Inflation Instructions which will enable you to get the maximum effect out of the balloons by allowing them to float and still allowing the confetti to stick to the sides. 

      Foil Balloons Inflation Instructions....

      inflate foil balloons

      Insert a straw or inflator as seen in the picture.  It needs to go between the clear flappy piece and the coloured backing. 

      Put air into the balloon by blowing into the straw or start the helium.  Do not over inflate.

      Remove the straw and seal by pressing together - Easy !

      When the Hen Party Celebration is over and you want to deflate the Willy Balloon again it's nice and easy......

      Foil Balloons Deflation Instructions....

      deflate foil balloons

      Insert the straw the same as when you inflated the Foil Balloons only this time put the straw in further, not too far though. Stop when you feel the air or helium come out of the end of the straw.

      With your hands gently press on the balloon allowing the air or helium to escape out of the straw.

      Put away safely, ready for the next Hen Party Shenanigans :) 

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