Rose Gold Baby Balloons, Baby Shower decorations

Our Rose Gold Baby Balloons are such a stylish way to decorate a Baby Shower, Christening, New arrival and much more.  Customers have also used them as Engagement Party Decorations and Wedding Balloons and at other events where the word Baby can be an affectionate way to address a loved one.  We have 2 sizes of the Baby Balloons available for you to choose from, 16" or 40".  With both the 16" and 40"  Baby Balloons we have given you the option to choose either a Rose Gold Heart Balloon or Star - both compliment the Baby letter Balloons beautifully.

The 40" Rose Gold Baby Balloons, 18" hearts and 18" stars are suitable for both air and helium inflation and will float when filled with helium.  If they are filled with air,  string or ribbon can be threaded through the holes in the tabs on top of each letter, creating a Rose Gold Baby Banner.

The 16" Baby letter balloons are suitable for air inflation only.  This means they are unable to float but displaying them is nice and easy.  We include balloon ribbon which can easily be threaded through the holes at the top of each letter allowing you to create a Rose Gold Baby balloon banner.

Before inflating the letter 'B' it will look more like the letter 'C'.  This is normal, once inflated the balloon fills out to the 'B' letter. 

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